Patio cleaning Leeds

Looking for Patio Cleaning Leeds? Then this project may be useful for you…

Today we cleaned an Indian Stone Patio in the Adel area of Leeds. Upon arrival we first treated the patio with a Fungicidal wash to help loosen the algae and grime that infested the surface and had done so for a very long time. This was left on for twenty minutes before being lightly washed off.

After setting up our Patio Rotary pressure washing cleaner, we began to thoroughly clean the patio ensuring the whole surface area was cleaned twice for optimum results. Once this was completed and we were happy with the results we switched to using a Turbo Lance making sure all the edges and key kerbs were cleaned to the same high standard as the patio.

We then gently washed the whole surface area to remove any debris that may have collected during the clean, leaving in the words of the customer…

“an Indian Stone Patio that looks as good as new”

After cleaning up we left site leaving behind a delighted customer who promised to recommend us on to his friends.

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