grease, dirt & grime build up

We have over 20 years experience in the hard landscaping business.

and can treat all the problems people experience with their Driveways , Paths and Patios.

Top 5 most common problems clients face with their driveway, patio & paths

1. Areas becoming dirty and build up of Moss, Weeds and Lichens.

Upon arriving at site, we sweep and remove any debris ensuring the area to be cleaned is totally clear, any minor repairs are then carried out.

2. Areas of paving dipping and sinking.

The area is then treated with a fungicidal wash which is left on for 20 minutes for maximum penetration into the joints.

3. Unsightly staining mainly Oil, Petrol, and Diesel.

Using the latest Rotary cleaning equipment we thoroughly clean the area going over it several times to ensure all dirt and grime are removed.

block paving repairs

4. Edgings, Drainage channels and gulleys coming loose and creating potential Hazards.

We then hose off and again sweep the area, before leaving it to thoroughly dry out.

5. Mortar joints crumbling and coming out leaving Paved areas unsafe aswell as unsightly.

A high powered pencil lance is then used to clean the edges, we use this method to stop gravel or soil borders been disturbed.

professional equipment

Cleanpave Yorkshire have the equipment & know how to deal with the above problems quickly and professionally!

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