Block Paving Cleaning Work

Driveway Cleaning Project in Hull

Block Paving Cleaning Service in Hull & East Yorkshire When you chose Cleanpave Yorkhire to clean your driveway or patio you can rest assured you have picked a highly professional company with the latest in driveway cleaning technology. Here is a typical description of our highly efficient driveway or patio cleaning methods. After thoroughly assessing the area to be cleaned we decide wether to treat the driveway with a weed killer, most driveways or patios do not require this service but in the case of it needing to be treated we apply the weed killer and leave for 24 hours. Upon our return the first step is to brush a fungicidal wash over the surface of the blocks or flags and leave for 20 minutes, this helps to kill any moss or lichens that may have infested the area, next using our high pressure rotary cylinder cleaner we thoroughly clean the complete area ensuring all dirt and grime build up is lifted leaving the all surfaces clean. Using a high pressure lance we then remove all debris from the surface of the driveway before disposing of it. If After a thorough inspection we are happy that the driveway or patio is cleaned to our own high standards we leave it for 24 hours to thoroughly dry out. When we are sure the area is completely dry we brush in a sterile kiln dried sand to leave your driveway or patio looking as good as the day it was first installed.

Driveway & Patio Cleaning Project in Leeds

Driveway and patio cleaning in leeds. After being called and told by the customer her Blockpaving and Indian Stone patio was in a mess, we arranged a day to go round and carry out the work. Indian Stone is beautiful when first laid, but over time can really struggle keeping that great look. Upon arrival we decided to treat the Indian stone patio with a detergent before cleaning to loosen up the grime that now covered the area. Leaving the detergent on the paving we decided to begin a thorough clean of the blockpaving. After setting up our high powered ( 3000psi ) rotary cylinder cleaner we got to work cleaning the driveway after cleaning the full area we cleaned the full perimeter with the pencil lance being careful not to disturb the gravel borders, once satisfied the driveway was cleaned down using the turbo lance to get rid of any debris or loose sand. We then turned our attention back to the Indian stone paving, the detergent had now sufficiently worked the grime loose making cleaning with the rotary cleaner far easier and the patio was soon looking in the customers words as good as the day it was laid, after rinsing off with the turbo lance the whole area was clean. After a chat about looking after the paving in future we promised to return in a couple of days when the blockpaving had thoroughly dried out to brush in our sterile weed inhibiting sand, leaving behind another [...]

Communal paved area cleaned, Alwoodley, Leeds

An interesting flag paving clean job for Cleanpave West Yorkshire today, for the residents of a communal block of flats in leeds. This involved first ensuring the paved area was free of all weeds and debris, which for our hi- tech rotary cleaner was dealt with easily. Many customers try to clean these areas using domestic pressure washers or even a stiff yard brush, but unfortunately more often than not this will come nowhere near a professional deep paving clean.   The results are breathtaking and leave our customers smiling and extremely satisfied that their residence has had it’s kerbside appeal restored. If you are interested in the paving and driveway cleaning options available from Cleanpave  do not hesitate to contact us.

Driveway and Patio cleaned and sealed in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Over the last week Cleanpave Yorkshire have undertaken an interesting clean and seal contract in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. After first meeting the customers a young proffesional couple who by their own admission had neither the time or know how to keep their blockpaved drive and patio looking good all year round. After discussing the various options available to them, including a thorough clean with a yearly call back at a reduced cost ( something Cleanpave offer all our customers) we decided on a more maintenance free solution, that is sealing the drive and patio. We explained to the customers about the the different sealants on the the market, their cost and performance levels and after long discussions decided on a top end polyurethane sealant. Once applied to a cleaned and resanded drive this type of sealant soaks deep into the blocks and sand leaving a spectacular maintenance free finish. And so the project began on the Monday with all areas of the driveway and patio being subjected to a thorough deep clean, once we were happy the blockpaving was cleaned to the high standards we set at Cleanpave we left the drive for 4 days giving it time to dry out properly before the resanding and seal. Friday came and after checking the weather was fine, sealant can not be applied in the wet or if rain is immanent we got to work. First we brushed fresh kiln dried sand into the driveway ensuring all gaps were filled and no […]

Display area cleaning

Aswell as cleaning and restoring paving and Hardlandscaping for householders and domestic clients throughout the Yorkshire area we here at Cleanpave also specialise in commercial cleaning, especially the cleaning of display areas. We have cleaned display areas for a wide range of businesses from builders merchants to quarries in Leeds , Huddersfield, Wakefield, Bradford, Barnsley, Sheffield and even as far as Chesterfield and York. Display areas are what sells the product to the customer so should be be kept in top condition all year round, it makes no sense to have Indian Stone in 5 different colour schemes but all looking the same due to a covering of dirt and algae, so when we were contracted to clean the display areas for Mone Bros in Leeds, Bramhope we couldn’t wait to get started. After visiting the displays and assessing the best way to clean the various areas of Blockpaving, Yorkstone, flagging, Indian Stone, walling and Railway Sleepers we set about our task. We decided that as we were dealing with such large areas we would split the work into sections. We started by treating area 1 with TFR to loosen the dirt and help with the cleaning, then using our high pressure (3,000psi) rotary cleaner we cleaned the total area of paving and walls. Once we were satisfied a turbo lance was attached to our cleaner to clean all the edges and tricky areas, before swilling the whole area down with our adjustable pressure lance. This was repeated area after […]

Driveway cleaning project in Gilstead Bingley

After receiving a call from a customer in Bingley who was worried about the condition of her blockpaved driveway, we made an appointment to call the following afternoon. Upon our arrival we could immediately see that Mrs Parks was not exaggerating, her driveway had a severe problem with moss, grass and weeds infesting her blockpaving the fact that her house was situated in a very leafy suburb had only made the problem worse. After a thorough assessment of the driveway it was agreed that we would treat the driveway with a powerful glysopate weedkiller and fungicidal wash before returning in a fortnights time to carry out the rest of the work. We explained to Mrs Parks that this would give the weedkiller time to take hold and kill the weeds right down to the roots. Two weeks later on our return the moss had all but disappeared and the weeds and grasses had turned a nice crisp brown to such an extent that a good sweep with a stiff brush dislodged most of them allowing us to begin our cleaning work. With the driveway now clear of all debris we began to clean the driveway with our high pressure rotary cleaning cylinder ( 3000 psi ) this easily and effectively deep cleaned the blockpaving lifting all the grime and dirt returning the blocks to their original colour. Next our turbo lance was set up and made quick work of the kerbs and driveway edges cleaning deeply and thoroughly, before the […]