Tarmac Cleaning Work

Tarmac brought back to life

This week Cleanpave undertook a very interesting and unusual project, that is bringing old faded tarmac back to life. We were contacted by a customer who was so fed up of looking at his old severely faded tarmac drive, he thought his only option was to have the old driveway taken up and a brand new one put down to replace it. After meeting the customer and showing him images of our previous work involving tarmac drives a price was quickly agreed, at the fraction of the cost of a brand new driveway, and a date was set for us to come and carry out the upgrade of the old driveway. We arrived the following Tuesday Bright and early and started out by giving the tarmac drivewa ya thorough clean to remove all dirt and debris. Once the driveway had dried ( very quickly due to the glorious weather) we began to apply our top specification tarmac restorer. First using a brush the edges of the driveway were “cut in” being very careful to go right up to the edge of the drive, once complete we switched to a long pile roller and applied the rest of the restorer until the drive was fully covered and the first coat was complete. As drying time can take up to four hours we said our goodbyes and went to carry out a cleaning job in the local area, promising to return when the restorer was fully dried. after returning to the job […]