Indoor Cleaning Project

During the Christmas period Cleanpave Yorkshire a rather unusual job. The difference that made this job unique was that it was carried out indoors as opposed to the usual Hardlandscape cleaning we specialise in. The job we carried out was on behalf of a large multinational packaging company and entailed cleaning around 5000 M2 of production shop floor. As the methods of cleaning used were very similar, the rotary cleaning cylinder was used to lift the dirt, oil and grime from the factory floor and our turbo lance was put to good use on any stubborn areas. The only real problem we encountered was were to dispose of the excess dirty water. You see when cleaning outside most Driveways, paths and Patios have a natural run off area to make sure have rain and melting snow doesn’t stand and cause puddling areas, most outside run offs go to an Aco drain, road drain or to an area of soil or gravel, perfect places for water to drain naturally as these type of areas can’t be found in most factories Cleanpave Yorkshire had to come up with a different solution. This problem was solved by the use of a large industrial wet and dry Vacuum cleaner. Working in a pair around 100 M2 of factory floor was cleaned at a time, as this was going on the Vacuum would shadow the cleaner and take away the heavily soiled water which was then safely disposed of into an outside drain. Although this method of cleaning did take a little longer than usual the results were fantastic and the factory floor was returned to former glories. As a result the company the work was carried out for were so pleased, that the factory floor is now to be cleaned annually we have also secured the contract to clean the outside paved areas of the factory. If you have any unusual cleaning jobs don’t hesitate to contact us, the survey and assessment is free and we can normally come up with a solution for most types of work.