Driveway and Patio cleaned and sealed in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Over the last week Cleanpave Yorkshire have undertaken an interesting clean and seal contract in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. After first meeting the customers a young proffesional couple who by their own admission had neither the time or know how to keep their blockpaved drive and patio looking good all year round. After discussing the various options available to them, including a thorough clean with a yearly call back at a reduced cost ( something Cleanpave offer all our customers) we decided on a more maintenance free solution, that is sealing the drive and patio. We explained to the customers about the the different sealants on the the market, their cost and performance levels and after long discussions decided on a top end polyurethane sealant. Once applied to a cleaned and resanded drive this type of sealant soaks deep into the blocks and sand leaving a spectacular maintenance free finish. And so the project began on the Monday with all areas of the driveway and patio being subjected to a thorough deep clean, once we were happy the blockpaving was cleaned to the high standards we set at Cleanpave we left the drive for 4 days giving it time to dry out properly before the resanding and seal. Friday came and after checking the weather was fine, sealant can not be applied in the wet or if rain is immanent we got to work. First we brushed fresh kiln dried sand into the driveway ensuring all gaps were filled and no sand was left on the surface of the blocks then it was time to seal. The high quality polyurethane sealant we use is applied using a good medium pile roller and a paintbrush ideal for “cutting in” the edges. Once we had put on our gloves and face mask we began to apply the sealant liberally over all areas of the drive and patio until it was completely covered, once this was done we left site for 4 hour giving the sealant time to dry. On our return we were pleased to find all sealed areas were completly dry and ready for the second coat. Once the second coat was complete the results were stunning and also practical as there was no chance of weeds once again spoiling the beautiful blockpaving. All our sealant application is fully guaranteed to find out more don’t hesitate to call the experts at Cleanpave Yokshire.