Driveway & Patio Cleaning Project in Leeds

Driveway and patio cleaning in leeds.

After being called and told by the customer her Blockpaving and Indian Stone patio was in a mess, we arranged a day to go round and carry out the work. Indian Stone is beautiful when first laid, but over time can really struggle keeping that great look.

Upon arrival we decided to treat the Indian stone patio with a detergent before cleaning to loosen up the grime that now covered the area. Leaving the detergent on the paving we decided to begin a thorough clean of the blockpaving. After setting up our high powered ( 3000psi ) rotary cylinder cleaner we got to work cleaning the driveway after cleaning the full area we cleaned the full perimeter with the pencil lance being careful not to disturb the gravel borders, once satisfied the driveway was cleaned down using the turbo lance to get rid of any debris or loose sand.

We then turned our attention back to the Indian stone paving, the detergent had now sufficiently worked the grime loose making cleaning with the rotary cleaner far easier and the patio was soon looking in the customers words as good as the day it was laid, after rinsing off with the turbo lance the whole area was clean. After a chat about looking after the paving in future we promised to return in a couple of days when the blockpaving had thoroughly dried out to brush in our sterile weed inhibiting sand, leaving behind another very satisfied customer.