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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning in Yorkshire for over 10 years by CleanPave Yorkshire

Making sure your pattern imprinted concrete looks great and lasts a long time is really important for keeping your outdoor space attractive. People who are pros at cleaning pattern imprinted concrete play a big role in making sure these surfaces stay in good shape. The first thing they do is clean it thoroughly, using strong methods to get rid of dirt, stains, and anything that might spoil the way it looks. They’re careful to keep the special patterns in the concrete safe during this first step.

Getting a regular cleaning service for your pattern imprinted concrete has lots of good points. It brings back the bright and lively look of the concrete, making the special patterns stand out again. And it’s not just about looks – getting rid of things like moss and algae makes the surface safer to walk on for you and anyone visiting. The experts in this field often use cleaners that are good for the environment, making sure the clean-up doesn’t harm the patterns and colors in the concrete.

When you trust a reliable cleaning service with your pattern imprinted concrete, it’s like giving it a shield against the weather. Our professionals know how to protect it from changes in the weather, the sun’s rays, and people walking on it. This careful approach makes sure your pattern imprinted concrete stays strong and keeps its good looks for a long time, turning your outdoor area into a welcoming and pleasant space.

A Good Clean

Kick things off by cleaning the pattern imprinted concrete really well. Use strong methods to remove dirt and stains, being careful to protect the special patterns.

Restore the Patterns

Use a regular cleaning service to bring back the lively look of the concrete. This helps the special patterns look bright and attractive again.

Make It Safe

It’s not just about looks – removing things like moss and algae makes the concrete safer to walk on. This ensures a safe and friendly outdoor space for everyone.

Keep it protected

Trust the experts who know how to protect pattern imprinted concrete from the weather, the sun, and people walking on it. This careful approach ensures it stays strong and looks good for a long time, creating a nice outdoor area for you to enjoy.

We've worked on some amazing projects over the years, here's some of our customer feedback...

Robert Donnan
Robert Donnan
3 October 2023
What a lovely, genuine, considerate person. Craig did a brilliant job clearing gutters, cleaning driveway, patios, coating patio, cleaning our large trampoline (for free). Totally efficient, and fair price too. Highly recommended.
Paul Moorhead
Paul Moorhead
13 September 2023
Really pleased with how our block paving now looks after Craig and his team have worked their magic. Great people to deal with and great results at a reasonable price. Highly recommended.
Mark Gibson
Mark Gibson
17 August 2023
Craig and the team recently jet washed the rear of my home as well as my 5 car driveway which they also applied a 'back to back product' to. The results were...AMAZING! My wife commented it looks like we have had a brand new patio at the back of the house and the tarmac drive looks like it has just been laid. Craig and his team were a pleasure to have in and around my home and I can't speak highly enough of the standard of their work at a very reasonable cost. If you are looking for this kind of service for your home then avoid the cowboys and look no further than Cleanpave, you won't be dissapointed.
Steven Denman
Steven Denman
16 August 2023
Absolutely amazing job! Highly recommend Craig, professorial and friendly guy who takes pride in his work and very reasonable price. We will be booking in every year! Thank you, Craig! Very chuffed with our drive!
Darren Brett
Darren Brett
4 August 2023
Clean pave, boys know their stuff!! 10 x3 metre tarmac drive, Not in the best of condition, was probably laid just after Caesar, and on a Friday .. It’s had 80 tonnes of soil trafficked over it , with a mini digger, countless cement spills, with k-rend, and masonry paint chasers , I’d had many a bash at with a karcher K4, in a bid to clean up the mess, Then I came across Craig doing a neighbour’s property, Asked him if he’d whip round and have a peep at my driveway, He bobbed round and advised me he was able to book me an appointment for a couple of weeks later, I received a courtesy call from Craig as a reminder, and he’d been able to move our appointment closer , On the day , Terry and a colleague came to ours, , Me Not being present at the time, terry rang and clarified the job, And then cracked on , I came home a short time later, To a spanking clean driveway, and terry buffing the windows, The driveway was absolutely flawless, No splattermarks, windows , walls , doors, or plastics, were pristine… What they did in a couple of hours, I hadn’t achieved in 3 years.. Wholeheartedly I would happily recommend Cleanpave, Good guys, and great to deal with!
Helen Schofield
Helen Schofield
15 July 2023
Craig and his team cleaned my patio's, paths and drive today. Professional from start to finish, excellent results and price. I will definitely be recommending to others. Absolutely no mess after the work was completed, Craig even cleaned the windows before they left.
Neil Henderson
Neil Henderson
17 April 2023
Superb service, excellent proactive and prompt communication, great value, quality work. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone who wants any drive or patio cleaning - very very good indeed
James Lee
James Lee
12 February 2023
Efficient, friendly and good value service. Would certainly recommend.
April O’Dwyer
April O’Dwyer
14 October 2022
I cannot even express how pleased we are with the job that Craig and the lovely chaps at Cleanpave did for us! Our block paving honestly looks brand new. It completely surpassed our expectations. Thank you so so much!

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Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Pontefract & Castleford & Across Yorkshire

We don’t just understand the cleaning processes and requirements that are essential when offering a driveway and patio cleaning service – but we also are time served paving and driveway installers – so you can rest assured that we know exactly how to care for your hard landscaped areas.


With over 20 years experience in the industry, you can rest assured that CleanPave will take real care of your property and deliver results that do not destroy the foundation your driveway or patio is laid upon.


Using a domestic Jew Power Washer to clean your driveway or patio can result in causing damage to your property. Our system is designed specifically for the job and will deliver optimum results every time.

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