Professional Cleaning

of your Pattern Imprinted Concrete – superb results every time!

Clean Pave Yorkshire

Professional & Reliable cleaning of Pattern Imprinted Concrete in Yorkshire.

Does your Pattern Imprinted Concrete need cleaning?

After some time, apart from becoming dirty, pattern imprinted concrete loses its shine. To restore the look and make the area like new and just like the original finish – it is possible to re-seal the surface using a purpose made, professional sealant.

One of the wonderful things about pattern imprinted concrete is that it is one solid surface, and so as long as there are no cracks, you can simply have it professionally cleaned and sealed. Real paving of course tends to have joins where weeds and moss can penetrate if not cared for properly.

Check out the 3 steps below which will enhance the look of your home by restoring the patterned concrete to its former glory…


We thoroughly clean the patterned concrete using a yard brush to remove loose debris.

Pressure cleaning

After the preparation work we then clean the concrete using our hi-tech flat surface rotary cleaning equipment.


Once all of the cleaning has been undertaken we then seal the Pattern Imprinted Concrete using a professional sealant which prolongs the shine and protects the surface.

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