Driveway cleaning project in Gilstead Bingley

After receiving a call from a customer in Bingley who was worried about the condition of her blockpaved driveway, we made an appointment to call the following afternoon. Upon our arrival we could immediately see that Mrs Parks was not exaggerating, her driveway had a severe problem with moss, grass and weeds infesting her blockpaving the fact that her house was situated in a very leafy suburb had only made the problem worse. After a thorough assessment of the driveway it was agreed that we would treat the driveway with a powerful glysopate weedkiller and fungicidal wash before returning in a fortnights time to carry out the rest of the work. We explained to Mrs Parks that this would give the weedkiller time to take hold and kill the weeds right down to the roots.

Two weeks later on our return the moss had all but disappeared and the weeds and grasses had turned a nice crisp brown to such an extent that a good sweep with a stiff brush dislodged most of them allowing us to begin our cleaning work. With the driveway now clear of all debris we began to clean the driveway with our high pressure rotary cleaning cylinder ( 3000 psi ) this easily and effectively deep cleaned the blockpaving lifting all the grime and dirt returning the blocks to their original colour. Next our turbo lance was set up and made quick work of the kerbs and driveway edges cleaning deeply and thoroughly, before the adjustable pressure lance was used to rinse the driveway and surrounding areas leaving everything clean and tidy any remaining debris was bagged up and removed from site.

At Cleanpave we take great pride in the fact that no mess is left when we leave site, so after cleaning any windows and the garage doors that had experienced slight splashing we left site before returning 24 hours later. Next day upon our arrival the driveway was checked to make sure it had dried out properly before being treated again with the same powerful weedkiller. When this was completed and the weedkiller had dried fresh sterile kiln dried sand was brushed into the driveway giving it that just installed look, leaving our customer in her own words “over the moon”. If your driveway or patio is in need of some expert cleaning or just for some free advice don’t hesitate to contact us here at Cleanpave.


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