Pattern Imprinted Concrete cleaning and resealing in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Here at Cleanpave we specialise in cleaning all types of hard landscaping and although Blockpaving is the type we deal with the majority of the time P.I.C or Pattern Imprinted Concrete comes in a close second. When first laid P.I.C looks stunning and will give any property real kerbside appeal, but like any type of hard landscaping open to our inclement weather it can over the years become dirty and begin to show signs of wear and tear. What the sales people who specialise in selling this type of surfacing fail to tell their customers is that it WILL need resealing every 2-4 years using a specialist acrylic sealant, focusing instead on the benefits of P.I.C such as weeds not being able to grow in the surface.

Our expierience in cleaning and resealing P.I.C made us well prepared when we received a call from a gentleman in Netherton, Huddersfield ¬†who complained about the “state” of his P.I.C driveway. We arranged to meet Mr Goodfellow next day for a site survey and assessment of the work that needed carrying out. It was agreed that the P.I.C driveway needed a thorough high pressure clean to remove all dirt and algae, it would then be left for a day to dry out properly before we applied the acrylic sealant, this process would once again give the driveway that just laid feel.

Returning a few days later we quickly got to work. Firstly the driveway was sprayed with a mild detergent to help lift the dirt and grime that now infested the surface, we then went to work cleaning the driveway, using our high pressure rotary cleaner the whole surface area of the driveway was thoroughly cleaned until all traces of dirt and algae were removed we then washed down the P.I.C using our adjustable lance to remove any detergent and debris. Once we were happy with the results we left site ready to return next day for the sealant application.

upon our arrival the following day we checked that the P.I.C was dry and then checked the temperature was 5 degrees and rising, after both these boxes were ticked we set about applying the sealant. Firstly the edges of the driveway were cut in using a paintbrush to ensure no sealant splashed on the surrounding walls and edges. When this was complete a high quality long pile roller was used to ensure perfectly even coverage on all areas of the driveway. Mr Goodfellow was delighted with the results insisting the driveway looked as good as new and promising to recommend Cleanpave to his family and friends. After handshakes all round he said we would be contacted in the next few years for his P.I.Cs next clean and seal. As we drove away the driveway really did look stunning and gave the whole property a real inviting feel.

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