Driveway Cleaning Project in Hull

Clean Pave Yorkshire-4

Block Paving Cleaning Service in Hull & East Yorkshire

When you chose Cleanpave Yorkhire to clean your driveway or patio you can rest assured you have picked a highly professional company with the latest in driveway cleaning technology.

Here is a typical description of our highly efficient driveway or patio cleaning methods.

After thoroughly assessing the area to be cleaned we decide wether to treat the driveway with a weed killer, most driveways or patios do not require this service but in the case of it needing to be treated we apply the weed killer and leave for 24 hours.

Upon our return the first step is to brush a fungicidal wash over the surface of the blocks or flags and leave for 20 minutes, this helps to kill any moss or lichens that may have infested the area, next using our high pressure rotary cylinder cleaner we thoroughly clean the complete area ensuring all dirt and grime build up is lifted leaving the all surfaces clean. Using a high pressure lance we then remove all debris from the surface of the driveway before disposing of it.

If After a thorough inspection we are happy that the driveway or patio is cleaned to our own high standards we leave it for 24 hours to thoroughly dry out. When we are sure the area is completely dry we brush in a sterile kiln dried sand to leave your driveway or patio looking as good as the day it was first installed.

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