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Block Paving & Driveway Cleaning Specialist

Keeping your Blockpaving looking as good as new.

When it comes to improving the outside of any home nothing gives it a look as aesthetically pleasing as freshly laid Blockpaving. Blockpaving comes in a wide variety of block styles and beautiful colours and when lain properly by a professional really does give any property a warm inviting feel....

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Using reputable companies and avoiding the cowboys

Here at Cleanpave Yorkshire when we recieve a call or email from a potential customer requesting a quotation for their driveway, paths, patio cleaning or repairing, more often than not we have been recommended to the person in question by a happy customer we have carried out work for. Another...

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Getting your Patio ready for Spring/Summer.

With winter soon drawing to an end, spring will be upon us in no time and it’s about this time of year most people are thinking about the outside of their property’s especially their Driveways and Patios and what to do to get them in shape for the oncoming warmer...

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Correct method to clean Blockpaving

Over our many years of cleaning driveways people often ask why they shouldn’t clean their Blockpaving with an over the counter Jetwash. Their are several reasons for this from the amount of time it takes or the mess it will create to yourself and the surrounding area, but far more...

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Preventing weeds in blockpaving

One of the main complaints we at Cleanpave deal with is from people worried about weeds and moss infesting their blockpaved driveways, and how they can prevent or manage this problem. One myth about weeds is that they grow up through the driveway and that by fitting a membrane under...

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Driveway cleaned in Leeds, West Yorkshire

After receiving a call from A customer called Jane on the Wednesday we Agreed to call round that evening to look at ,as she put it my Driveway that’s a real mess. Upon arrival we were greeted by Jane who immediately asked if we could clean the driveway and have...

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Blockpaving Cleaning in Huddersfield.

Above are some before and after images of a cleaning project we carried out in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. after been contacted by Mrs Thorpe who was concerned about the state of her paving we called round and gave her a no obligation free quote for the cleaning work required. After...

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