Blockpaving Cleaning in Huddersfield.

Above are some before and after images of a cleaning project we carried out in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. after been contacted by Mrs Thorpe who was concerned about the state of her paving we called round and gave her a no obligation free quote for the cleaning work required. After agreeing a price which she found very reasonable we agreed a date for the work to be carried out. A few days later we began the work at Mrs Thorpes, after first treating the areas to be cleaned with a fungicidal wash, we got to work with the Hi pressure rotary cleaner, after going over the driveway several times and removing all the dirt, algae and moss build up we switched to our high powered turbo lance to ensure the edges and awkward places were all thoroughly clean, next we put on our lower pressure lance to remove all the build up of sand and vegetation from the clean. When this was completed we left the driveway for several hours ( it was a beautiful sunny day) before brushing in our special weed inhibiting sand Leaving Mrs Thorpe who in her own words said the driveway looked as good as new. After thanking us and promising to recommend us on to her friends we left leaving behind another very happy customer.

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