Keeping your Blockpaving looking as good as new.

When it comes to improving the outside of any home nothing gives it a look as aesthetically pleasing as freshly laid Blockpaving. Blockpaving comes in a wide variety of block styles and beautiful colours and when lain properly by a professional really does give any property a warm inviting feel. Here at Cleanpave Yorkshire around 80 percent of our work involves cleaning blockpaving, drives, patios and paths, with customers often saying to us that they would never have it installed again because of weed and moss infestation. As with any type of hard landscaping it is open to the elements 24 hours per day and so wear and tear and dirt build up become inevitable, Tarmac fades and cracks, Pattern Imprinted Concrete has to be resealed every 2 years and is still vulnerable to cracking, Decking becomes dirty and very slippery while standard Concrete aswell as not looking the best will still crack over the years, with Blockpaving a professional clean and resand will bring it back to looking brand new. After all our cleans we always offer advice on looking after and maintaining that fresh clean look, here are a few easy steps to follow, 1) Sweep the surface area off every few weeks, something as simple as this gets rid of seeds and grasses before they get chance to settle between the blocks. 2) every 3 months sweep kiln dried sand between the blocks to refill any gaps that have become low due to vehicles parking, people walking or just heavy rainfall. Kiln dried sand is relatively cheap at about £4 per bag and on an average driveway a bag will last about 3 fresh sweeps, time wise this only takes 20 minutes. 3) A gentle hose off will remove any dirt before it has chance to become “ground” into the surface of the blocks, do not under any circumstances use a domestic jet wash on the paving as this could damage the delicate sand bed underneath which can lead to dipping and rutting of the paving. Unfortunately despite taking all these steps the surface over the years will become dirty, this is inevitable in a country like ours with its inclement weather, but you can delay the time you need to call a professional cleaning service such as Cleanpave Yorkshire. The majority of our customers tend to use our services on a 2 yearly basis although we have a great deal of customers who we clean for anually. If you just require advice on maintaining your Hardlandscaping don’t hesitate to contact us advice is free and were always more than happy to help.

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