Correct method to clean Blockpaving

Over our many years of cleaning driveways people often ask why they shouldn’t clean their Blockpaving with an over the counter Jetwash. Their are several reasons for this from the amount of time it takes or the mess it will create to yourself and the surrounding area, but far more importantly the long term damage it can cause to the delicate sand sub base, once this is affected your driveway WILL develop unsightly dips and rutting.

Here at Cleanpave we take great care in our cleaning preparation and methods, we only use the latest equipment specially designed to clean Hardlandscaping without causing damage to the paving or creating unnecessary mess. For instance most people and some less reputable companies will use a lance to “blast” out weeds and debris from the paving, this may leave things looking good at first but because the roots have not been killed the weeds are soon back. Our process involves first treating the weeds with a powerful weedkiller and leaving for a few weeks to ensure all growth is dead, then using our specially designed Rotary cleaner which due to the angle setting of the jets will powerfully clean the paving without disturbing the sand base on which the blocks are laid. After the area has fully dried we once again use a treatment of weedkiller ( prevention is better than cure) before brushing fresh sterile kiln dried sand beteeen the joints of the blocks. Once finished we gaurantee your driveway will once again look as good as the day it was laid.

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