Getting your Patio ready for Spring/Summer.

With winter soon drawing to an end, spring will be upon us in no time and it’s about this time of year most people are thinking about the outside of their property’s especially their Driveways and Patios and what to do to get them in shape for the oncoming warmer months. Here at Cleanpave Yorkshire one of our specialities is bringing Patios that have been badly affected by the winter months back to their original glory, always with stunning results. Most property owners these days have a patio area installed at the rear of their property as a place to relax after a busy day at work, as a place to socialise and host a barbeque or just as a tranquil place to escape the everyday pressures of modern life. As a consequence Patio areas now come in all shapes and sizes and can be constructed of a wide range of different materials, anything from blockpaving to Gravel. At Cleanpave we undertake the cleaning of all these materials always with spectacular results.

Blockpaved Patios: When dealing with a blockpaved Patio, depending on the severity of the moss and weed infestation we would first treat the area with a powerful industrial strength weedkiller. The Patio is then thoroughly cleaned using our high pressure rotary cleaning equipment to remove all traces of weeds, moss and soiling. Finally when totally dry the blockpaving is resanded using sterile kiln dried sand or for a small additional fee a specialist weed inhibiting kiln dried sand, before once again being treated with weedkiller.

Indian/Yorkstone: When first laid natural stone Patios really do look stunning giving any property a spectacular facelift with its array of colour. Unfortunately during the harsh winter months suffered in this country the stone is very susceptible to dirt and green algae making it a real eyesore aswell as becoming slippery and dangerous. When cleaning a natural stone Patio we first spray a commercial detergent on the surface to help lift the dirt and grime, before cleaning using our high pressure equipment, this we guarantee gives the wow factor back to any natural stone patio.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete: this type of Patio is mainly affected by a build up of dirt and grime and in most cases is easier to clean due to the sealing process at the end of the installation. this type of surface should be cleaned using only high pressure and water and must be resealed once it has thoroughly dried.

For any enquiries on bringing your Patio back to its just laid look or for any other queries or advice don’t hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our low cost high quality professional cleaning services.

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